Whispers and Wailings

Untold stories of migrant workers in the Middle East


The book “Whispers and Wailings” is based on eight years of research. The author, Prof. Khan Mosleh, has been in various countries in the Middle East since January 1, 2012, for employment and teaching. In this long journey, he has have come in contact with thousands of Bangladeshi immigrant workers and heard from them the tragic history of their lives. Although the workers are termed ‘remittance fighters,’ they are neglected and neglected on their own country’s soil. In the Middle East, they are called ‘Miskin.’ These heroic workers sacrifice their happiness for 12 to 14 hours daily and seven days a week or some 29 days a month and bring smiles to the faces of the country and family. When the author came in contact with Hossein, a housemaid in a neighboring house in 2016, he came to know the details of his daily life. After seeing Hossein up close and knowing his unknown life story, a latent desire arose in the author’s mind that these workers need to tell the unknown chapter to the world. So he started recording different people’s words little by little, and it has been continued till now. The book tells the life story of the workers and describes the geographical and social aspects of the Middle East to acquaint the readers. The book includes an article on what you need to know about employment abroad, especially in Qatar and UAE. The book is dedicated to the cause of millions of immigrant workers.

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About Prof. Khan Mosleh

Prof. Khan Mosleh was born and raised in Kushtia, Bangladesh. His primary and secondary education began in Kushtia; upon completion, he left Kushtia and studied Applied Physics & Electronics at Dhaka University, often called the “Oxford of the East.” In March 1982, he came to the United States of America in my pursuit of higher education. Professor Mosleh is currently teaching for the University of Maryland Global campus in its European division, primarily in the Middle-east region. During the last eight years, he had done extensive research on the condition of third-world country nationals (TCN) working in the Middle east. Their sub-standard living conditions and inhuman treatment by their employer. They are the victims of modern-day slavery. Prof.Mosleh interviewed about a thousand TCNs in the last eight years about their living conditions, pay rates, working conditions, mistreatment & abusiveness at work, CTIP (combating trafficking in person), and their family background. The book “WHISPERS and WAILINGS” is based on these unfortunate migrant workers. He wrote and published the Bengali version of this book, “SONAR HORINER KHONJE,” in Bangladesh. His first published book, “ATTMOPROKASH,” became the #3 best-selling list in Bangladesh. The author also translated “The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini” in the Bengali language.

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